Annette Cairns


Annette Cairns began her musical life trying to play the violin, before seeing the light aged nine, when her elder sister brought home a cornet. She was the only one in the family that could make a noise with it so it was obviously meant to be.  Slightly handicapped by a twin sister who played the bassoon she played in a variety of wind bands and orchestras throughout Warwickshire, and therefore was forced to play a trumpet instead of the cornet and she played in no brass bands at all.

Having achieved her Grade 8 she went off to a college which proved to have no sign of any musical activity. So the cornet and trumpet were put under the bed where they remained, with only an occasional foray into orchestral work for over 20 years. Then inspired by the BBC2 documentary “A Band for Britain” in 2010 the cornet was dragged out, the very thick layer of dust removed and the valves oiled. Annette joined Royal Spa Brass as third cornet and rapidly progressed up the back row before breaking into the front row a year later.

She now plays Principal cornet with both Royal Spa Brass and Cubbington Silver Band, and plays first cornet with Occasional Brass. 

Annette has never played at the Royal Albert Hall. 

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