Nick Thomas

Eb Tuba

Nick started playing the tuba at the age of 11 after his music teacher poetically convinced him of the crucial role it played in orchestras and bands. While it is somewhat true that the tuba plays the role of bread in the sandwich which is the musical ensemble, it was only a matter of weeks before Nick discovered the downside, the sheer weight of the instrument, but by then it was too late and he was hooked.

From the age of 11 – 18 Nick played in various music groups in and around Northamptonshire including the County Youth Concert Band and the County Youth Orchestra.  A tour of Europe and a joint concert at the Albert Hall with Placido Domingo were the highlights of these formative years and severely calloused hands the legacy.

Nick decided to take a short break from playing the tuba once he entered University in order to pursue other hobbies (and to let his calloused hands recover) and was shocked to discover that by the time he picked a tuba up again well over 20 years had elapsed.  He joined his first brass band, the training band of Royal Spa Brass, in 2012 then the main Spa Brass band in 2013 followed by becoming a member of Cubbington Silver Band just a couple of years later. Since then Nick has played in a number of ensembles including a wind band, an oompah band, a rock band and of course a brass quintet.